Montgomery County Java User Group

Typically meets 3rd Wednesday of Each Month

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Good day folks, if you've been thinking about jumping ship take a look at the developer openings 5AM has. We'll treat you right, the benefits are solid, telework policy is most accommodating, and your resume will grow rapidly. Shoot me a message if you're interested.

Next Meeting

  • 2017/06/21 Microservices primer with Raghuveer Rao

    Past Meetings

    • 2017/04/19 Introduction to Neon with Tom Panning
    • 2017/02/15 Continuous Delivery and Continuous Analytics with GO.CD and friends by Vlad Korolev

    • 2016/10/19 Building a Jenkins Continuous Integration Pipeline with Docker by Alexandru Zbarcea

    • 2016/09/21 Intro to ActiveMQ with Hadrian Zbarcea
    • 2016/06/15 JHipster, modern web application development made easy with Raphael Brugier

    • 2016/05/18 Ready to develop and deploy webapps with terraform, vagrant, and puppet with Victor Semenov

    • 2016/03/16 From 10 to 500 releases a year, a Continuous Delivery Journey with Raphael Brugier

    • 2016/01/20 Simpler JPAs with Spring Data by Raghuveer Rao

    • 2015/08/19 - Continuous Delivery with Jenkins by Dan Juengst
    • 2015/07/15 - Introduction to DevOps with Pat Shepherd

    • 2015/03/18 - Jekyll intro and demo with Chris Rogers and Doug League
    • 02/18 - Introduction to Docker with Isaac Carter
    • 05/21 Practical Big Data - Madhu Siddalingaiah
    • 03/19 - An introduction to Elastic Search - Victor Felix
    • 11/20 - Intro to BackboneJS - Jim Weir
    • 10/16 - Intro to AngularJS - David LaSalle
    •  09/18 - Building a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Gradle and Jenkins - Benjamin Muschko
    • 07/18 - Using Behat and Sauce Labs to Automate cross browser testing - Jason Fox
    • 12/12 (2nd Wed) - Semantic Mediation - Wen Zhu
    • 10/19
      • Casandra Case Study - Chris Burroughs
      • Effective Code Reviews - Brian Humphrey (5AM Solutions)
      • Pizza and Food provided by Comsys Now Hiring!
      • Registration
    • 9/21/11 
      • Java SE and Plug Computers - Jim Connors (Oracle)
      • AppDynamics - Hugh Brien (SpringSource)
      • Registration

    Projects by members of MCJUG:
    • Minimum Permissions by Victor Semenov - A project that aims to provide Android phone owners with apps that require only the minimum permissions they need in order to function.